Anonymous asked:"Where can i find a Hawkguys handbag? I trolled etsy n couldnt find it"

I’m currently sold out! It will be back up in May.

Mermaid Elastic Headband

Available Here!

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Loki Pillow Cover

Available here!

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Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Satchels

Buy Here!


I’ll be in the Artist Alley at C2

Still working on saving money to pay for the Metrocon Booth I’ve reserved but I should have more details on that later

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Exploding TARDIS Infinity Scarf

Teddy Bear Side Bag

Kid Loki Satchel

Currently Restocking, Redecorating and ReEverything Else…

Shop is on vacation mode until Mid January, you guys are amazing and bought practically everything I had. I’ll be fixing up the shop (as well as my workspace since it’s been sharknadoed into a horrible mess). I received a bunch of wonderful reviews and messages and thank you everyone for your support. Seriously, I am so grateful and I am working on plenty of new items.

Next Convention will be Metrocon in July. If you have any item requests feel free to contact me! I am working on chibi plush keychains, infinity scaves, satchels, e-reader covers, and drawstring backpacks. 

(oh and if you bought something you should post yourself wearing it and tag it #dexlar so I can reblog it ‘cause you are all lovely wonderful people)

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